Monday, February 28, 2011

Blueberries in Utah

OK, I did some research on soil for blueberries in Utah. Here is a conclusion. You CAN fix soil here to plant your blueberries, but it can take at least couple years to get the soil ready for planting and after that you have to stay on top of it and make sure that soil stays acidic enough. Which is worth it because blueberries can grow up to 50 years. So if you plan to stay in your current house for a long long time, and you want homegrown blueberries, that's the way.
However, if you just want couple of bushes (like me), it make sense to grow blueberries in containers or raised beds. From what I found on the Internet, one of the best mixes for pots is: 1/3 Azalea Soil Mix, 1/3 peat-moss, 1/3 small bark. For the raised bed (15inches deep, 48" long, 24" wide) recommended mix was : 4 bushels of well-rotted saw dust, leaf mold and peat-moss, 2 bushels loam soil, 2 bushels wettable sulfur.
I think I will try one bush in a container this year and see how it survives.
No Daily recipe today, because I am so sick with a flu, I can't even cook :(


Anonymous said...

Awwwww, you a true Ukranian farmer! I am son proud of you.=0)I think its in our you have wild strawberries in your garden? (zemlyanika)

Natasha said...

Земляники нет, клубника есть, но она за пять лет почти переродилась в землянику. Надо в этом году пересаживать. У меня каждую весну начинается "Огородная лихорадка". И заканчивается когда тут 45градусов жары летом. Тогда мне уже огородом заниматься не хочется.

Anonymous said...

I need to smuggle you some zemlyanika roots. When do you start planting ? Strawberries have to be renewed every 3-rd year. Save all new shoots and throw away old roots every 2 years.