Sunday, March 6, 2011

Getting ready to plant my garden

Current obsessions: Gardening and Spring cleaning

I finally started to feel better and had enough energy to do some work outside. I pruned my bushes, which include 2 Hazelnuts, 1 Red Currant, 1 Black Currant, 1 Sand Cherry. I had to get rid of my Goosberry bush last year, because it was just a flowering variety - no fruits :( My Hazelnut finally brought some nuts last year, in fact quite a few. Here it is, after pruning
And here is one of my garden beds. It needs some more soil and compost. I am going to try Mel's mix for it too and dividing it into square feet for planting. On the background you can see tiny Red Currant and huge Black Currant bushes. I was able to can about 8 jars of black currant preserves last year.
And here are my raspberries. I need to plant more this year. I want to add everbearing variety and may be some blackberries and yellow raspberries. We never have enough of raspberries because kids just eat them off the bush.
I got all of my seeds for the upcoming season. I think I will plant my spring greens and radishes on Tuesday if weather permit.

Spring cleaning is in the air! Can you feel it? I organized my pantry with some wire baskets, that I got at Target's dollar section. I put together a snack basket for kids, school lunch items basket and a basket with Asian food items. Oh, and the one with pasta and spaghetti sauses. Makes it easier to see what we have and what we need.

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