Monday, March 21, 2011

True Meaning of "Rocky Mountains"

Last weekend while working on my second garden bed, I learned a true meaning of the name "Rocky Mountains". I dug out 2 huge piles of rocks just from my humble 4'x8' raised bed.

As you can see the rocks came in all sizes - from pretty small ones, to medium, to boulders! I am wondering if I can use them to make an edge for my round strawberry bed. I am planning to put a strawberry bed in the center of my garden patch. On the sides I am going to put 2 more 4'x8' beds, which my nice husband is already making for me.

He also helped me to plant my new "3-in-1" Pear and Apple trees.

Now I have a Sweet Cherry tree, Japanese Plum tree, new Pear and Apple trees and my 3 year old Black Mulberry tree which grows in the front yard. I plan to add next year a Peach tree and may be an Apricot. I heard that Neem Oil  is safe and effective spray for fruit trees. I am going to try spraying my trees this year.

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Jaalsey B said...

lol I've heard a lot of people joke about how the rocks grow in this valley :) Doesn't matter how many times or how many you dig up, there's a brand new batch waiting next year.