Saturday, April 9, 2011

April weather

April weather keeps my gardening plans at bay.  Too cold and windy and too much snow. The first picture is from last Sunday, April 3rd and the second one from today - April 9th. Can hardly tell the difference.

However in between rain and snow and cold, Spring is sending her minions forward! Here is my Sand cherry starting to bloom:

and here are some Cress sprouts, made their way up:
Still, I can't wait for warmer weather. I have a "Logan" Blackberry and "Tutameen" Raspberry sitting in pots by the window, waiting to be planted in a garden. I also have to dig up my new garden beds and change my flower bed in front of the house to a curved line from the straight one. I am SO ready to see more green color instead of white and brown.


Jaalsey B said...

*sigh* This weather has been depressing me, lol. Did the snow kill your blossoms? Or did they survive?

Natasha said...

The blossoms survived, I even spotted some bees on them. The weather is warmer, but it is so windy right now, I afraid our house is going to fly :O