Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bird feeder guests

Every day I have quiet a company on my bird feeder. They mostly fight for a place on it and yell at each other and sometimes eat.

Here is a list of guests.
Once I counted 8 Lazuli Bunting males at the same time. They are very pretty, with showy blue heads and wings and red chests. I think, I started to see females too, but not so sure.

Lazuli Bunting Photo'
Next, I have couple House finches, males and females. They are better behaved and don't fight as much, probably because of the smaller numbers.
Adult male

The guest with most self confidence is a male House Sparrow. Even being the only representative of his species, he can easily out yell or outfight any other bird or even several.
House Sparrow Photo

That is pretty much it for the constant day to day birds. Once in a while I get some visitors that only stay for a short snack and then fly away into the wide world. Couple days ago I saw a couple of Blackbirds, I think, they were Blackbirds. And today in the morning I saw this guy
Black-headed Grosbeak Photo Black-headed Grosbeak. Since he was bigger then any other birds on the feeder he was given a wide space.
The other birds that mostly occupy themselves on my lawn instead of bird feeder include a robin and couple European Starlings. Yesterday I saw one of the Starlings taking a bath in a birdbath on my flower bed. There wouldn't be anything unusual in such behavior, except it was during pouring rain! I guess this guy prefers bath to a shower.

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Ria's Random Thoughts said...

That's cool that you know all their names. It seems like we have more variety in the last couple of years.